Laura and Colin


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6 April 2019 – Rest day
Rest day with me and my Quacker.

23 March 2019 – Jenny Kimber training day
Great session – I had to run while mum was learning about handling me. Tired now.

18 March 2019 – Just because I’m stunning
Perfect pose by a perfect dog has to be shared – so here it is. My gift to you.

09 March 2019 – Crufts 2019
Crufts. I strutted my stuff on the green carpet and came second in my class (Parson Russell Terrier Post Graduate Dog)! Pleased with that. Humans were too – got lots of treats!

06 March 2019 – Crufts prep
Something is happening – I keep hearing this word ‘Crufts’, I’m clean and there’s talk of taming my beard and eyebrows – help!

22 February 2019 – #dogonalog
Geocaching walks are great for finding new parkour practice and posing posts!

15 February 2019 – Intermediate Trick Dog
I’ve been awarded my intermediate trick dog title via video submission. You can find my video on YouTube.

10 February 2019 – It’s my birthday!
Happy second birthday to me. See what a big doggo I am now.

06 February 2019 – Bike dog
So a new hobby I’m learning is to run by the bike. Will mean I get more exercise at my speed, not silly slow human speed.

03 February 2019 – Nap time
I was caught snoozing in the rocking chair. It was sunny and warm and soft with big ted. I couldn’t resist.

26 January 2019 – City of Cambridge Open Show
Big day – my first Best of Breed so I also got my first go in the group judging ring. I was a very good boy.

19 January 2019 – Black and White photo challenge
Handsome even without colour. Nuff said.

11 January 2019 – Stanwick lakes walkies
What a lovely day. Trying to see the swans but my legs aren’t long enough! Practice for two up Parkour anyway.

01 January 2019 –School time
Cuddles with dad and learning about my namesake Colin McRae – a very fast, risk taking, talented rally driver – think they named me well.

31 December 2018 – Colin WAG1
It has been an exciting year and we wrap it up by achieving my very first Wag It Games title for WAG 1 Shadow Skills Video trials. Get in!! Happy New Year all.

29 December 2018 – Train in the ring Agility
Different agility today. Instead of half a dozen doggos in the ring learning, it was just me and mum and they wanted me to run the whole course! I was a bit cheeky but when I started but got going and aced my weaves!

25 December 2018 – Merry Christmas
Best wishes from me and my big bro Buddy.

22 December 2018 – Social Club Christmas walk
Great morning. Went walkies with about 40 friends. Humans stopped for a coffee break and took a quick picture, but we had so much fun we forgot to take more!

16 December 2018 – Ladies Kennel Association
Was a show dog today. Did good. Got First Post Graduate Dog. Human got me a nice new orange be which I was very pleased for because I got so tired.

08 December 2018 – Wreath shopping
There’s that word again – Christmas – it seems to mean a lot of new stuff. I went with the humans to shop for the wreath and had a play at posing amongst them all.

07 December 2018 – Parkour practice
I have really got into this climbing trees thing. I also think that I am pretty good at hide and seek. Can you see me up here?

02 December 2018 – Model dog!
I feel that there is something in the air. Human says this is my special Christmas collar. I think that must be a good thing because I keep hearing it mentioned. Anyhoo, what do you think?

25 November 2018 – Four On Parkour for a #dogsonlogs Picture!
Back home now. With all that practice on holiday I felt brave enough to climb this huge log. I am starting to think I am no longer a pupper, but a big doggo now.

9 November 2018 – Parkour Practice to Pose for a Picture!
Today we went to Wyming Brook. It is a beautiful place with lots of rocks and logs to jump on and climb to practice Parkour. We chose this place because my big brother Earl loved it here – today would have been his 15th Birthday. He passed away 6 months ago.

8th November – Four On a Small Platform – Parkour Practice
Todays Parkour practice had me balancing on this stone gate post with all four feet. I think the humans get me doing this stuff for photos so that they can have a rest. This was at the top of Jacob’s Ladder in the Peak District and the humans seemed a bit puffed.

5 November 2018 – Looking Over Ladybower – Four On – Parkour Practice
At last we are on holiday. On todays walk, we practiced Four feet on a plank and mum snapped this pic. We love it here. Looking forward to more adventures while we are here.

1 November 2018 – Trick Training
Just a quick photo with the pumpkins – I did a “down” behind the pumpkins then did “sad” to put my head on the top.

9 October 2018 – Two On – Parkour Practice Modelling Job
I got a new collar and was asked to model it, so we used my new Parkour training skills and posed for a seasonal pic in the vegetable garden. I am hoping to start recording for my Parkour titles soon, I’m getting quite good.

16 September 2018 – Bedfordshire Steam and Country Fayre, Shuttleworth
This is a really big rally. Today I saw loads of big steam engines and tractors and people and bikes and…. Lots of things! I practiced some of my tricks with distractions, made some people laugh, tried out agility weaves on some posts and posed for some photos. This was the biggest thing I had my photo taken with though. I am now very dirty and fear a bath is coming very soon.

1 September 2018 – City of Birmingham Dog Show
It has been a very long day. I did my posh dog bit to my best today and got Third Post Graduate Parson Russell Dog. The human wanted me to pose for a picture with my certificate but I am so tired this is all she’s getting.

23 August 2018 – Summer Walkies around Stanwick Lakes
It was a little cooler today so we went for slow, but longer walkies around Stanwick Lakes. We managed to fit in lots of Parkour practice on logs and rocks, and we did Four On and Two On with this bench. Keeps walkies interesting.

19 August 2018 – 1st East Northants Vintage Gathering
Today was an exciting day. A brand new rally for us to visit. Was a really nice rally with some interesting machinery. Met up with friends so spent a lot of time chatting in the shade.

13 August 2018 – Hoop Jump! Trick Training in the garden
This is quite a cool trick because it also practices my agility skills. It has been a bit too warm for this kind of training druring the day, so we practice in the evening as it is starting to get dark. It also means I use my brain and don’t notice that we have not done much walking with the weather as it is.

12 August 2018 – Wag It! Workshop
Workshops mean I get to spend every minute of a whole weekend with my human, training, learning, even get to go to pubs.

6 August 2018 – Two On – Parkour training
This new Parkour stuff is awesome! I love to climb on things and now the human is telling me to! This is me learning to put the right number of feet in the right place.

26 July 2018 – Stand and Pose
Went for an evening run with the human in the stubble. We did a little bit of show dog standing practice and took the opportunity for a perfect Summer picture. However, me being me, I got a cheeky tongue out!

24 July 2018 – Paws Up! Trick Training
Practising my tricks today, and this is a new one. It will be part of a “Bang! (you’re dead)” trick. I love trick training – I get to have loads of fun with my human and get lots of treats in the deal too.

22 July 2018 – Parson Russell Terrier Club Summer Open Show
Pleased with today’s results at the Club Summer Show. Got 2nd in Post Graduate Dog class, and 3rd in Junior Special Award class. Played the humans up getting this pic though – done enough posh dog stuff without posing at home too.

17 July 2018 – Agility training with Naarah Cuddy and Martin Reid
This weekend I have been at an amazing Agility Camp for young dogs. We were learning complicated new stuff – sequencing, turns, fancy twiddly stuff. So much fun, but so exhausting.