Emma and Austin


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09 Apr 2019
Austin is doing much better! Still not eating well ( although I suspect he’s trying it on a bit to get tasty treats ?) he’s bearing weight on the leg slightly and is much happier ?

02 Apr 2019
Austin had his surgery yesterday- the operation went well and after a tough night last night he’s a little brighter this morning. Now the hard work begins- 6 weeks of rest- no running, no jumping, no stairs. Back in 6-7 weeks for x rays so long as doing ok. It’s heart breaking seeing him in pain but I knows it’s better for his long term well being- things can only get better ?

13 Mar 2019
Austin had the MRI scan and sadly he has damaged his cruciate ligament. He’s booked in for TTA surgery on April 1st. It’s not pleasant surgery but it’s the option that gives him the best chance of returning to full fitness. Despite being in discomfort and unable to exercise as he’s used to, he is still happy and bright.

01 Feb 2019
Poor Austin was rushed back into the vets yesterday after he went lame on his back leg- it looks like he’s damaged his cruciate ligament- not sure if a partial or full tear yet. He’s got an appointment with his orthopaedic surgeon on Monday

21 Dec 2018
We have much to be thankful for this year- here’s to a fantastic 2019!
Merry Christmas to everyone!

03 Dec 2018
Austin’s next batch of Flexadin arrived! He got rather excited ?

20 Nov 2018
Wearing his Flexadin Advanced coat today as it’s chilly and wet

11 Nov 2018
Austin is continuing to do well, although he is starting to get a little frustrated with his lack of exercise.

01 Nov 2018 – A little over a week after his surgery
A little over a week after his surgery- Austin is doing really well! He had a minor upset after the anti inflammatory tablets he was given caused a nasty flare up of His IBD but he’s back on track now! Enjoying short lead walks and taking his Flexadin without fail every day ?

23 Oct 2018 – Austin is home!
He’s had the fragment removed. It looks like we have caught things really early so we are hopeful that after pain relief and 6 weeks of short lead walks he should get back to full strength. We need to really look after his joints now more than ever as the cartilage is not normal within the joint.
He’s had a lovely day and been spoilt rotten by the referral team- he’s now sleeping in his crate at home ?

17 Oct 2018 – Infection
So a few weeks ago Austin injured his foot on a walk resulting in a nasty infection. Obviously he was very lame at this point- he was put on antibiotics and pain relief and the infection resolved- sadly the lameness did not so he was x-rayed at our practice. Oddly the x Ray showed 2 metal fragments in his foot but there was no swelling or inflammation around that area so we decided to x Ray his elbows as he had shown some discomfort when the vet manipulated his right one. Although there was nothing obvious on the x Ray we decided to refer him to an orthopaedic specialist for his opinion.
After our initial consult he felt that the metal pieces were a red herring and not the cause of his lameness, Austin was repeatedly showing discomfort when his right elbow was palpated so we decided further imaging was needed to try and diagnose his issue.
CT scans showed that he does indeed have bilateral elbow dysplasia- not too bad but there is a fragment on the right that has broken off- he will need arthroscopy ( scoping of the elbow) to fully assess the joint and remove the fragment.
Naturally we are very worried- Austin has been very down of late, not his usual happy chappy self and now we know it’s down to him being in pain- hopefully the surgery will help and alongside his Flexadin Advanced will give him his bounce back! He absolutely loves his Flexadin – it’s his special treat for after he has his other medication and it certainly looks like he will be on it for the rest of his life which given that he’s not even 3 yet will be a long time!

06 Sep 2018 – Weather is changing!
The weather is turning cooler now which means we can really start getting out more! We have started training on the 3 wheeled rig again and we can enjoy walks out in town etc once again.

The Flexadin is going down nicely and we have recommended it
to a few people whilst out and about.

Hopefully will be able to get some nice rig photos soon!

26 July 2018
Kodi and Austin doing a rain dance praying for a storm to cool us all down! Walkies at the minute consist of being driven to the canal for a dip early in the morning and 5 mins play before returning home to stay cool and safe.