From almost before she could walk, fourteen year old Mariann has been devoted to her dogs. Since the age of seven she has regularly competed with her dogs in agility classes and qualified for Crufts for the first time in 2013. Since then Mariann has qualified at least one dog every year. In 2017 she was selected to represent team GB at the European Open Junior Agility Championships held in Luxembourg.

Mariann’s first experience of Flexadin Advanced was with her family’s agility dog Fern. Fern was diagnosed with Bilateral Hip Dysplasia at 7 months old and underwent corrective surgery on both hips before she was one. After surgery Fern was given Flexadin Advanced by the Vet as a joint supplement to help support her joints in later life. Fern recovered so well from her surgery that she started competing in agility much to the surprise of everybody and in 2015 she qualified with Mariann in the Young Kennel Club agility dog of the year, where they made the final and ran in the main arena at Crufts.

This was Mariann’s first experience of top level competition:

Since this Mariann has gone on to qualify numerous dogs for Crufts in following years. Since Fern she has had two more dogs:

11 Mar 2019 – Crufts 2019
Mariann was only in the YKC Crossbreed competition this year. It is something she has never done before and since qualifying in January she has started going to Handling classes at our local Ringcraft club. They have given the pair a crash course on handling and both Mariann and Coral performed remarkably well considering this isn’t their discipline. Coral was good in the very noisy environment and worked really well for her first time on the green carpet. The pair ended up finishing 4th overall.

14 Dec 2018 – Coral’s first competition
Mariann, Ila and Coral at the M&M agility unaffiliated show at the dog barn in Oxford last weekend. This is Coral’s first proper competition and Ila won too, she didn’t want to be out done!

30 Nov 2018 – Coral’s Swimming Lesson
Coral’s having a great time in her swimming lesson at Client Hills Fitness and Rehabilitation centre.

08 Nov 2018
Mariann’s latest training with the youngest partner, Coral:

28 Mar 2018
Here are a few basic training moves Mariann showed us with her training partners Ila and Coral.